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Back from Otakuthon 2013

Tue Aug 20, 2013, 8:37 PM
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I'm so tiredddd. But I had a lot of fun and it was nice seeing friends that I hadn't seen in a while!

This year it took a looong time to get my badge. I stood in the VIP lineup for almost one hour before I obtained it. Strangely the preregistration line was going way faster than special badges. Luckily Friday went better and setup was a breeze. Was able to get done before everything started AND go talk to other artists in the room.

On Saturday I played Franziska von Karma in Otakuthon Turnabout's Return of Turnabout. However next year, there's another gal I'd like to act as if we do another canon Ace Attorney piece :D But can't say who!

Thanks to everyone who came to visit me and double thanks to those who bought something or commissioned a drawing! It's always an amazing feeling when someone enjoys your work enough to purchase it! :D

I bought only two things this year: a 50cm Teemo plushie and a Lulu hat! YAY! Teemo is so huggable ;__; I was really happy that League merch was available at an anime convention!! YEAH.

That wraps up conventions for 2013. Next one I go to might be in January.

My next project--aside from getting back to original works--will be a pic of Morgana and Kayle, followed possibly by a yordle-themed image.

As always if there's a League button you'd like to see, let me know! I might do a poll for that before my sub expires >.<

~Commissions are open!~

(All prices are in USD.)
•20$ base price on lineart*
•35$ base price on lineart & colors*
•60$ base price on lineart & colors & shading*

300 dpi PNG (large scale full quality version) costs an extra 10% of the final price.

*Other details (having more than one character, armor/weapon pieces, detailed background, etc.) may require an additional fee.

Method of payment: PayPal

If you have a specific deadline, additional fees may apply if it is within a month.

Texture by Sirius-sdz
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Laogeodritt Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
Hey! It was nice talking to you again during Otakuthon. =] Wish I could've gotten some more of your prints—I think there had been more prints I had wanted last year, but I kinda blew right through my Otakuthon budget by Saturday this time around! =[ Too much awesome stuff. Didn't even get a foam sword or pocket watch in the end. XD

Also, did you get a chance to pass by outside the exhibition hall/in Hall Viger around 5-6pm on Friday? Or even just look outside? The lineup for registration went from the registration room, all the way around the perimeter of Hall Viger and about halfway down to the exit of the exhibition hall... Yeah, so much for "oh, I'm preregistered, getting my badge won't take long at all!"

Apparently the IT systems crashed and they didn't have a backup plan. Whoops.

In other news, TEEMO. <3 I saw a small Teemo plushie on the Friday and I wanted it, but they had sold the only one by the time I was ready to buy stuff... =[
ikeda Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013   Digital Artist
Hey! Thanks for dropping by ^^ I know what you mean by blowing through your budget haha. I've done that in the past too! I'm so glad I'm not a figurines collector or I'd be living on the street LOL.

I didn't need to go to the Reg Hall after Thursday, so I didn't see the lineup. But wow! That's QUITE A LINE!! My friends said they waited 2 hours in the regular line too. Hope they fix that next year haha. You should try coming on Thursday if you live in or near Montreal!

I saw lots of small Teemo plushies on Ebay, so maybe you can try getting one there :D They were all under 10$ too!
Laogeodritt Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
Oh gods, figurines. I see the ones at $70+ and I think exactly the same thing. XD

Yeeeah, I live in Montreal, so I really should. XD Last year, on the Friday, I waited like 15 minutes in line and there was no line that went outside the registration hall. I was tired after work though and I figured it'd be the same this year ... that didn't account for IT problems. D:

Hmm, true, I can probably find plenty online. Feels different buying them from an independent artist/artisan rather than mass-produced Chinese toys, though, even if the latter's nicer on the wallet! I should troll for some on etsy maybe...
ikeda Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013   Digital Artist
I hope they get their IT problems fixed and figure out how to run the VIP line properly!! :p Maybe also train the volunteers work with a slight sense of urgency as well XD;;

I did see a crafter who made octopus plushies and she did one of Teemo! (and Leona but I didn't see the Leona at all) It was really cute, but I didn't have the 45$ she was selling it for :x His tiny props were really well done though! I passed by later and it wasn't there anymore, so she must have sold it!
Laogeodritt Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Urgency won't help without organization and direction, though. Based on the number of "I don't know" responses I got when trying to figure out what the heck the line was about (was it for everyone? Only non-preregistered/VIP?  why has it gone so far out of the reg hall?), I think the problem is a lack of communication between volunteers and from staff to volunteers, and potentially a lack of organization/of a contingency plan for the particular failure they had then (IT failure based on what one staff member on an unrelated team told me). I got a slight sense of panic from the same volunteers, too. =P

Haha, that's the one I was eyeing as well! And the octopodes. All of them sold out by the time I was thinking of buying them̄—although in the end I found some DVDs I wanted so my budget was expended anyway!
Smy-Smy13 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
J'ai vu la chance de passer par là ^^ 
J'ai donc pu te voir et admirer tes magnifiques dessins!!! (EN VRAI XD)
Mais j'ai rien pu acheter parce que j'avais pas d'argent =n= 
J'espère que tu as aimé être à Otakuthon ^^
ikeda Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013   Digital Artist
Pas de probleme! Il y a beaucoup trop de choses a acheter dans les grandes conventions haha. Contente que tu as aime mes dessins!! Et oui je me suis bien amusee, merci ^^
YoYo-Angel Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
C'était vraiment cool de pouvoir te voir :D Je suis super contente d'avoir pu acheter tous tes buttons (même si je les avais tous perdus le premier jour OTL et donc te les re-acheter) Et aussi, j'adore la commission que tu m'as faite :D 

Y'avait des chapeaux de Lulu ?? Je les ai pas vus Dx Mais je me suis achetée un chapeau Teemo moi xD 

En tout cas, contente que tu aies eu du fun et à l'année prochaine 8D
ikeda Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013   Digital Artist
Merci d'etre venue pour les achats et la commission! Je suis contente que tu aimes le dessin!! C'est encore poche ce qui est arrive >.< Il y a deux ans, mon amie avait perdu un set de DVD qu'elle venait d'acheter et c'etait vraiment frustrant pour elle, donc je comprends le feeling ;__;

Oui, il y avait des chapeaux de Lulu! Ils etaient comme ca:… 8D J'avais pas compris pourquoi presque la moitie de la salle avait des chapeaux de Teemo LOL. J'ai du faire le tour de la salle samedi avant de realiser que OHHHH la marchandise de LoL est venu a Montreal XD

J'espere te revoir l'an prochain aussi!

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